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Re: Verifi results
I too had the Verifi test. Test results came back good and bad. Negative for T21, 18 and 13 but when it came to gender they said baby had Trisomy X (XXX or 147,xxx), which only affects girls. There is one for boys but I can't recall what it's called. Anyway had an amnio and it turns out baby is fine. So either it's because of my age, they also said there could be a defect in the placenta but it doesn't effect baby or I am a Trisomy X baby. I am too old to care if I am. This is my 3rd child and I am 40. I don't plan on having anymore children. It was a big scare. So for those getting these tests, just remember that there is a false positive rate for sexual abnormalities but because these companies are just starting to test for it, there isn't much research on it.