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Re: How did you find out?
I was in my 2nd week of college this year and yes even though im 33 and have 2 teen age boys my 2nd husband and i have decided we were going to try for a baby and it just wasnt hapoening so we kinda talked the week prior about not trying anymore little did we knowbi wasnoregnant during the cinversatiin...i had been sick amd decided to try and go tk afternoon classes evem though i hadnjuet gotnout of hospital for severe ear infection thatvjust seemed to wear me out and not go away...i stwrted feeling wick in class and dizzyband exhausred so i decided to leave class and on way home gotnurgento go buy a test just for kick and i got a faded secind line so i freaked sent my bff to go get more and they were all positive my husband was elated andni wasnjust in shick since wenhad been trying and trying so that old rule stop trying and it will happen it is true
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