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Re: traveling with newborn
I been doing research on Google about international flights. Usually most say a week as soon a baby can travel. Buy also depends on the doctor as well. I plan on trying to go to mexico with my kids to see their father after this one is born. While I'm on maternity leave. I also found out that most airlines will let u check stroller and car seat at the gate and can have it o CE get out of plane. Some people also said to have a pacifier or breast feed on takeoff and landing so kids ears pop. And depending on airlines can ask. To block seat next to you so they use it only if they have to . I guess most have limit on liquid on and have a medical person check the bag if they available and keep formula and stuff for baby separate for what needs to be checked. Most airlines let u have unlimited famous of water on plane to give u. This is all I found out just looking on Google for questions. Most answers came from a mom that traveled a lot and who's husband was a pilot. Hope that helps u as much as it did I.
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