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Re: traveling with newborn
I'm also looking information about it, since both, my husband and I, are European.
It depends on the airline internal regulation, but most of the time it is a really short period, like a week.
Basically you'll need more time to get the baby's passport done.... :smileywink:
We are panning to fly to Europe when the baby will be 3 months old, but we are not so sure yet, because it is going to be a really long trip.... We'll decide when he/she will be born, to see how we can manage it.
Regarding what to bring, it depends on the company you choose. Some allow you to take a small foldable stroller for free, other allow a check in luggage even if the baby doesn't occupy a seat, but almost all allow to have in the cabin with you a small luggage with the baby's stuff.
In international flights you can ask for a cradle (it should be for free) so you don't need to carry the baby all the time on your lap.... Which is great!
And unfortunately, for some company the baby is needed to pay a fee even if he/she doesn't occupy a seat.. :smileysad:
The matter is to consider all the options and check for every airline what they offer that matches better your baby's needs.
If someone has had some experience flying with newborns, I'll be more then happy to know about it too!
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