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Re: Hello! My name is jade due may 14 with my 1st child

:smileyhappy:That's great!!! I'm glad that you've felt the baby move. I've felt my baby move myself, it's a great feeling. But i have'nt tried yoga yet. I am planning on doing it tonite when I put the kids in the  Well, to be honest , I would'nt mind having a boy. That's what my husband wants. He also said that he has too many girls Since this this is our last child, he really want it to be a boy. Our kids age range is 13,10, 9, 5,3,2,11mo. Her b day is december 23. We are snowed and iced in. I hate living in TN. What state do you live in ? Oh hey, I will let you know what I am having Monday. I am so excited , my husband is too. But he thinks that we are having a girl. Because the odds are 5 to 2. 5 girls and 2 boys....... I am so happy for you and your husband.