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Re: Doing this alone - I'm scared

I am sorry I am a Due in June Mommy and somehow came upon the May mommies list. I am due the begining of June so chances are I iwll be a May baby as my son came 3 weeks early. :smileyhappy: I know it may not seem like ti now but this could be the best thing your childs father has ever done. I say good get the hell out now. With  my son who is now 7 his father and I were together until my son was about 1. Then when i left his he decided to not be a dad anymore. ( great I was excited I didnt need him as he was a **bleep**ty dad as it was) then when My son turned 3ish he decided to come back into his life and it has been HELL the last 4 years. Constant court dates Laawyer fees that I wil never see the end of. My ex decided that since he remarried he no longer ( well she no longer) wanted to pay child support to my son. The worst mistake i ever did ( making him pay for what was his) I feel if i never did that he still would not be around. My son at age 7 still cries evrytime he has to see his dad. There have been numerous C.P.S issues and his visitation has been taken away and given back many times. Where I live they are trying to rejoin and give dead beat dads a chance to be dads. I know this is a stressful time but you will get through it. You are a mom and you will figure it out I promise. I didnt have family around but i had some great friends who helpped. Get a roommate if you can help with the bills and even someone to watch the baby while you shower will help a lot. Do not put your babies father on the birth certificate. He does not deserve it, honestly when it comes time to talk to you child and explain whay daddy isnt around children are smart and chances are he/she will already have an idea. My curret husband has been the best dad to my son I promoise you will find someone when the time is right. Just enjoy your time with your baby while you can, daycare will be expensive trust me but there are government programs that will help single moms even if you normally do not qualify as low income they help and you only pay a portion of the childcare bill. Also look into WIC they will give you a free breast pump if you decide to nurse.