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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?
I have done it 3 times !! My advise is stay calm walk a lot from now until your delivery on the D day try to sleep eat healthy food that gives you energy( oatmeal with raisins and milk is my favorite) keep drinking lots of water and some prune juice to help you before and after delivery. Stay home as long as you can !! Keep things peaceful, make sure to write your delivery plan, have all you need pack and in the car natural delivery is quicker all delivery is painful to some extreme, but you can do it, if you can control and deal with pain in a harmonious way ! Remember your body never been thru this but some how knows what to do!! Have faith on yourself make sure your partner help and understand you wishes and if you change you mind and decide to get an epidural make sure is on time, because if you are 8 or more dilated it really doesn't do you any good at this time even with an epidural at 5 you will feel pain your bones are starting to separate to give your baby space to pass the birth canal. The reason i gave birth natural is because pain killers don't work on me i have a huge tolerance to pain, and i wanted my child and his birth to be as healthy as i could possible be !! You can do it just don't think is going to be scary is magical is the most amazing thing you will ever do !!
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