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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?
I had an epidural with my first, partially to help lower my blood pressure, but mainly for pain. I got it after they broke my water at 7 cm and the pain level greatly increased with each contraction. I asked for it to not be so strong I could not feel anything, just enough to take the edge off.

With my second my water broke at home. I was around 4 cm dilated. I was 5 and 100% when we reached the hospital and not even 90 minutes later my daughter was born, naturally. I was not prepared in anyway for a natural birth so it was incredibly emotional for me. I will say that a woman's body knows what it's doing and you will get through it and the pain is short lived compared to the miracle it produces. I can say I definitely felt better after this birth than with my first when I had an epidural. If you want to go natural just make sure you prepare beforehand as much as you can. Unfortunately nothing can really prepare you for the actual pain other than going through it, but you can mentally prepare. I will also say that even being forced to experience natural labor has not deterred me from saying I want a 3rd child.
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