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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?

I've delivered four babies--one emergency C-section, one natural, and two epidural.  The very most important thing is that you and your baby(ies) end up healthy and safe.  However that happens is absolutely fine.  Ignore--vigorously ignore--ANYONE who tells you what you "should" do.  You do what you need to do--there is no shame in any choice.  No one is giving out any medals for suffering during labor--so, you choose and if you change your mind midway, fine.  Anyone who is not at that moment pushing a human out of their body gets a say.  Do whatever you need to.  And, just for reference, I absolutely hated my natural delivery--I felt abandoned and alone and in terrible pain while everyone else decided it was the right thing to do.  I would never have done it again--even though I had the classes and a midwife and a supportive partner and a birth plan.  So, don't let all the mommies getting rhapsodic about the wonder of natural delivery keep you from making a choice which serves your best interests.  Especially the ones doing the "your body was designed to do this" nonsense.