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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?
I wanted a whole natural birth. I went with a midwife and had the baby in a birth center which was conveniently located inside the hospital. I mentally prepared myself for the worst. I had a doula with me in my room and she was heaven sent. She helped me stay sane. I was in labor for almost 2 days. Once my water broke that's when the pain was unbearable but only lasted for 2 hours and I was ready to push. The pushing processes lasted 7 min. It was tough and it hurt but my mental preparation and doula support help tremendously. I wouldn't change it if I had to do it again. I love that after labor there was no more pain and I could eat regularly. The holistic birth center was def the way for me. The full home environment and no machines on me was my opinion the best choice for me. :smileyhappy: good luck!
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