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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?

Before having my son a little over 2 years ago, I always had the thought "give me as many drugs as possible!"  I didn't want to feel anything!  I have a very low tolerance for pain.  My body had a different plan apparently.  My labor was relatively "easy" - it was still labor, but nearly as bad as I thought.  My water started leaking at 2:30am, contractions started around 3:30am, and my husband and I didn't get to the hospital until a little after 10am.  By the time I was admitted and in the L&D room, I was 5 centimeters and dealing with the pain pretty well.  I started thinking that I may want to IV pain meds, but with the encouragement of my husband and the nurse, I decided to wait.  The next thing I knew, I was 8cm and progressing quickly... and it was too late for IV pain meds.  I didn't want to get an epidual at this point, so I just went into my own little "happy place" whenever a contraction came.  The toughtest part of the entire experience was the 3 hours of pushing... that that incredibly hard and exhausting.  In all honesty, for someone who always thought I wanted medication and having a low tolerance for pain, I did surprisingly well during labor.  You just have to let you body do what God intended for it to do, and remember that it WILL be own soon!  I'm pregnant with my second right now and am hoping for another medication-free birth, privded it goes as smoothly as before!