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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?

My birth plan was the wait and see method.  I wanted to do it naturally, but was more concerned about back pain since I have scoliosis and sciatic problems throughout pregnancy.  I had to be induced due to preeclampsia.  Personally, the contractions were uncomfortable, but do-able (I've had worse menstrual cramps lol), but I got a band of lower back pain that was I couldn't get relief from.  I had 1 dose of IV pain meds that wore off in 1/2 hr.  I was starting to debate on an epidural, they checked me, I was at 9, and moments later had th urge to push.  Checked again and was at ready to go!  Not even 10 minutes later I had a healthy baby girl.  My nurse was awesome at getting me to relax and concentrate on pushing and it was an awesome, weird experience.  If I have another baby, my plan would be the same.