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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?
My first born I had an epidural and was in labor for 18 hours. My water broke and I was only 1 cm dilated so by the time I had the epidural I had yet to really feel a contraction. I appreciated the epidural because I did not think I could handle the pain.
My second child, I wanted the epidural but I wanted to wait as long as I could handle before I got one. I was lucky enough to have a doula with me for this delivery. I went to the hospital at 7:30 am and I was 4 cm. my contractions were strong and lasting about 1 minute. I was lucky enough to have a doula for this delivery. By the time there was a delivery room available it was almost 11:30 am and my contractions were so strong and painful. I went on all fours on the bed which helped with the pain. When I could finally get checked I was 6 cm. I was asked if I wanted an epidural and could not decide because I did not think I could sit through the contractions. I couldn't answer so the nurse offered to come back. When the nurse and the doctor came back 20 minutes later I was 9 cm and within minutes they broke my water and I was 10cm and had to start pushing. I was scared but I had no choice. I only pushed for 10 minutes. I had only been in the delivery room for 1 hour and my baby was born. He was 9 lbs 7 oz. and I only had 4 stitches. Afterwords, I felt amazing. My body felt good and it was nice that I could move around on my own. Now that I have done it both ways, if I had to do it again I would do it natural again.
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