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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?
I had my baby girl all natural and planned it so. Everyone thought I was nuts however my theory was and is and I tell all mommies thinking of going all natural that this is what God intended for ur body. Thats what it was built for. He would not give u a task u could not complete. If religion isn't ur cup of tea then science works with u as well. Moms that go no drugs have a huge advantage over druged moms. Tears tend to be smaller, stress to the baby is less and those lovely hemrroids tend to not be as bad or at all. Your pushing is more effective and therefore shorter. I would definitely suggest going to a chiropractor during ur pregnacy even after 6/7 months, of course as long as ur healthy, this helps "align" things so the baby can move easier and quicker through the birth canal. I went to all the classes to get coaching which I also highly sugggest so u know what to expect and have a good coach that knows u and ur limits so they know the difference between u having a weak moment and really tapping out asking for drugs. They should support your decisions and your space. Stir clear of people telling u what u can and cannot do they are not having this baby u are. Keep negativity out and away from u.
Having a baby naturally is the hardest, most exhausting, painful, beautiful, spiritual, fullfilling, empowering, magical and inspiring thing u will EVER do.
As I say that, birth is all these things with drugs as well. Everyone experiences pain diffrently and only u know how far u can push ur limits. Knowing ur body and listening to ur body is at the top of important things to remember.
It is also important to have a doctor and nursing staff that are on board with ur decisions to go natural. Sometimes dealing with a natural mom takes more work on their part and they will sadly deviate ur decisions based on their needs. Find that out now. If they aren't on board then they won't support u. Dont be afraid to put ur foot down and demand support for ur decisions. This is ur body and ur baby!
Last note: my nurse kept telling me....."this is only temporary. The pain will stop and in less than 24 hrs u will have ur baby!" That kept me motivated through the pain. Knowing that once the pain gets unbearable is the shortest part of labor and ur in the home stretch. Do ur research know ur body and how it works and what is about to happen. And remember.....u are woman! YOU CAN DO THIS!
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