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Re: Has anyone delivered 'Natural' Med Free?
I had both my first son and my twin boys naturally. Both were in the hospital but of cause in this part of the world meds are not really an option. Almost all the births here are done without any kind of meds- I used the word "almost" cos I dont know if such things are even available here, I've never heard anyone talk about them here, not even the gynies nor m/wives. I've only read about the meds online. Well on the experience, I'd say having a baby naturally without any form of meds could be painful but thrilling and completely safe. It's really nothing anybody should worry about. But at the end of the day, it's your body, your baby and entirely your choice. And just like Corlynne said "do what is right for you" For preparation read everything you can lay your hands on about child birth. Did I mention I wouldn't mind trying one of those meds if ever it's available here in Nigeria. Maybe when I do, I will know the difference and be in a better position to talk about it.Lol. Wish u guys luck.
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