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When do you tell friends/family?

Hi, I am 9+3 with my first pregnancy and I am wondering when you tell your friends and family? My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 3 years and finally it worked with the help of a fertility clinic. So far only few of my very close friends know, we didn't tell family or anyone else. Some people might guess it though, since I do not drink any alcohol any more and I do not eat certain foods. But I am so afraid that something might go wrong, I just feel like I don't want to tempt fate... Originally we wanted to tell after 12 weeks but now I learned that the prenatal screens might not be done until then (I'm not even sure what screens I really want though..) and I'm wondering now if I should wait until I know everything is really ok. But then, sometimes I am just so happy that I feel like I want to tell people and share the great news. How are you dealing with this?

Thanks :-)