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Re: Constant Nausea

I am 7 weeks and the nausea just kicked in within the past week...and to top it off, I had a genuine puking virus over the weekend.  I've always been naturally prone to nausea and vomiting my whole life.  If I get sick, I puke.  If I get a bad enough headache, I puke.  I had it down to an artform BEFORE I got pregnant.  Now, people want to tell me to do a Vitamin B6 lollipop?  Um, I'm frustrated...and I'm not in the mood to talk about the "joys" of motherhood.  Does anyone else work at a job where you can't be standing around sucking on a lollipop?  Seriously!  I have my ginger ale.  A piece of strong mint gum helps for a few minutes...but like, once the gum is done (like 5 minutes for me), it's over.  Once my ginger ale is gone...guess who's back!  I've eaten plain corn chex cereal for dinner.  The worst thing about this nausea is that I can't puke.  Don't have my OB appointment for another 3 weeks.  I've taken some dramamine.  I'm an NP, so I'm pretty comfortable treating myself...it worked pretty well...and it's pregnancy category B (which is almost as good as it gets). I refuse to be a crazy granola mom.  Grrrr...don't feel well.