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First Child I wanted to keep....
This may sound strange but after 3 abortions, I finally decided since I am now with a man that I love, I will willingly have his 3rd child, my first. No I haven't told my family yet, and most of my friends don't know yet. I'm tryna come up with creative ways to tell them. Here is how I told "the daddy to be again".

He's a NY giants fan, so I bought him the pacifier two pack, with a NYG baby bib and gave him the bag with the letter from the center who told me I was preggo. So he opens the bag and immediately thinks I'm making a joke and opens the paci and puts the bib on sayin, "oh you tryna call me a crybaby." I just looked at him, like "uh.... Yea cuz you cry erretime ya team loses. So just put the paci in ya mouth when they do." I let him laugh it off, and then said, but there is more in the bag.

As he pulled the letter out and read with his mouth wide open, I said..." You gonna have another player on your team." And he smiled and gave me the deepest emotional hug we ever shared.

I'm actually excited to carry this baby to term. I kno I'll have all the support that I will need from him and my family. And the best thing is, I dont have to go through being pregnant in the summer, because I def wanna be on the beach again.... #MayBabies
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