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6 wk 4 day Ultrasound

Hello! We just had our first ultrasound on Tuesday. Our baby measured 6 weeks 4 days and the heart rate was 136.

The Dr. told us everything looked great and to come back in 4 weeks. I know that this is great news however I can't help but think we could still lose it.   I just my 2nd miscarriage back in June at 9 weeks and have yet to have a successful pregnancy.  Our last baby we also had an ultrasound done at 6 weeks.  6 weeks 0 days and the heartbeat was 111.  The technician told us at that time that that was a good heartbeat for that date.   We never did see a heartbeat over 120 because our ultrasound was so early so we will never know if our baby actually ever had a regular heartbeat.   I want to think positive this time since we know the heartbeat is above the normal range but I am still afraid to get attached. Any positive feedback is welcome!  My husband and I are dying to start our family and can use all the prayers we can get!