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Just found out we are pregnant with our 1st after TTC for over a year :)

Hi Moms To Be!!! My husband and I were maried May 2012 and have been TTC since then. We started going to fertility specialist after being unsuccessful for about 6 months. They informed us wewould need IVF b/c of my husbands low count. We agreed we would try for another year before proceeding with any fertility treatment. Happy to announce, I was dues 9/15 for my period...still no period, bt have been cramping all week. As I was reading up, everyone said i may be cramping from "implantation." I tested last night and thi morning, both tests were POSITIVE!!!! God is so amaing and works is mysterious ways, this is ll in his hands and we r soooo happy! Looking forward to this journey with you all. We are dues end of May 2014!