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Re: Best time to take parenting/child birth classes? advice?

Hi Britany! What an exciting and overwhelming time! In my experience the best time frame is around 32 weeks- 35 weeks. This way it's still fresh in your memory. If your hospital has a once a week for a few weeks program, those are great because you can meet other moms around your due date. A hospital tour is also a biggie that I loved doing- usually included in a hospital birth class. I just loved going through and knowing what to expect (sort of) ahead of time.

It is a little ways away, but my biggest advice for a hospital bag is sample soap.shampoo.condition (especially fancy kind to pamper yourself after you give birth). ALSO fill your bag with the leftover diapers/soaps in the baby basket at the hospital before you leave. :smileyvery-happy: Enjoy this time, even though it sucks. I hope you are doing well! xo kaitlin