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Re: Not Gaining Weight

Don't worry about it! For 1, worrying will just create stress and anxiety that you don't need. If you doctor says you're healthy, trust your doctor. For 2, with my first child, I didn't show at all until over 5 months, and even by then I just looked a little chubby. I have a picture of me at 7 months and I didn't look pregnant at all! But my little boy came out at 7 lbs and is now a perfectly happy 3 year old. Even at nine months pregnant, I was ALL belly. Nothing grew but my belly. In the end, its actually better for you, because all your weight is your baby. I lost every bit of my baby weight within a month of his birth by simply eating healthy. As long as your doctor says your baby is growing healty, count it up as a miracle! Good luck :smileyhappy: