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Re: any advice
I am 36 weeks pregnant and still am nursing my 18 month old son! I was all concerned about needing to wean him vs letting him self-wean, but I decided to let what was going to happen, happen without worrying about it! I had never considered tandem nursing before, but now will probably be doing it and am somewhat excited about it all really. Granted there have been times when I experienced sensitivity, and my son is comfort nursing really than getting much from me nutritionally speaking. I also had an easy 1st pregnancy & have been healthy during this pregnancy as well. My advice: do what feels best for you and don't concern yourself with what you think others might say- my MIL asked me when I would stop nursing the day I told her I was pregnant like I needed to stop ASAP- but I consider myself blessed to be able to still nurse even now! :smileyhappy: Congrats to you and your family!
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