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Re: Feeling awful about jealousy

Crazy - I am nearly in the exact same spot and I'm pissed too!  We got pregnant on our honeymoon with twins, and I was thrilled.  Our first (& second) children!  Anyway, just found out today that husbands Best friend since 2nd grade is expecting (they've been trying for 1yr +) and it's twins - IVF or something.  


Thing is, she - (BFF's wife) is very mean to me and has been on a number of occasions.  She planned her wedding reception on our date - we ended up eloping.  She chewed me out for 3 hours over new years about staying out of her life, but has been asking all about my pregnancy and stuff from my husband.  


I now feel like I need to go on defense and get my shower date locked down before she tries to have hers the week before, and I just wanted to enjoy this.  We have a lot of overlap in friends/family, but i don't feel as carefree anymore.  I want my names hushed up, dates secret, and everything protected.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for them to be expecting, but just wanted more time to enjoy our babies.  Does that make me mean?