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Re: best items to have?

Ten things I have found to be necessary.


1. Tons of onesies or jumpers (Poopie diapers will spoil a cute outfit on a regular so inexpensive onesies are a must).


2. First Aid Kit for baby (Nail clippers, electric thermometer, aspirator, etc).


3. Lansinoh Nipple Protectant - for breastfeeding, I even use it prior to delivery to prep my nipples.


4, A belly wrap to help support abdomen when breastfeeding and assist shrinking of the uterus.


5. Baby Oil. cotton cap and a fine tooth comb, to help remove cradle cap from babies scalp


6. A good supportive nursing bra.


7. A bottle warmer.


8. Baby wipe warmer


9. Boppy Pillow


10. A good support system!!!!!!!!! - (My husband was great but I also had friends stop by to help cook, clean and keep me sane...lol)


A few other tips that I have are:


1. If you are going to bottle feed purchase a few single bottles instaed of buying the bottle sets, babies are really picky about what bottles they are comfortable with, so its best to get a feel for that before you invest in a particular brand.


2.  The same goes for formula, if you decide to accomodate formula with breast milk or choose to do all formula feedings, have a few samples on hand to see which one your little one adapts to.


3. The items I refused to but were binkies (Pacifiers), powders, lotions.  Wait to see how your babies skin is in its natural stat before applying products that may in fact irritate the skin.  After you see a need then you can address it the way you see fit.


Hope this helps.