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Re: twins

Haha!  We're about in the same place.  We have a cute, little, little, house we were planning on staying in with our baby for the first year.  When we found out it was 2 babies... well, we are re-thinking things.  My husband is shopping houses in an area we want to be in, and I'm still preparing a very neutral nursery in case we wait.  We may even rent for a year as our house currently is in a great neighborhood to sell, but other areas are seeing prices come down.  

I'm from the Mid-West and moved west, and have a friend / family members tag teaming on the shower since we are newbies, but I'm still trying to sort that out.  I'm hoping to have it in early April after I've had a chance to buy used from a multiples group locally and see what I really need.  

So far, it's actually been going well.  I've put on 13 lbs, but I lost a lot of muscle in the first trimester (too tired to workout) and I had been running / biking daily prior.  We cheated a little on the anatomy scan / 20 wk and had a friend do a very thorough ultrasound with high end equipment at 15 weeks.  She said everything looked great - heart / brain /etc. so we aren't too nervous about next week.  I'm just hoping the energy keeps coming back and the heartburn goes away - I can hope right?!