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Re: Daily activity and book
My doctor told me to do low-impact stuff, like walking or swimming, and to not lift more than 20 pounds. I haven't felt like doing ANYTHING AT ALL since I first found out, though, as I have been soooo tired. I am also 13 weeks, and like Jennifer, also feel like more energy is soon to come! I am glad for it, because it has been difficult getting anything done in the house with no energy and no motivation! And I am afraid I am going to gain more weight than I should if I don't start exercising regularly as well! /).(\

The best book I have found so far is called A Caveman's Pregnancy Companion or something like that (I haven't been reading it for a few weeks :smileytongue:). It is intended for the new dad, but I found it a great read as well. It is funny and lays out everything you should know very well and in an organized way. I have heard from other moms that What To Expect When You're Expecting is a bit much for first time moms, and has the tendency to make them paranoid. So I haven't been interested in reading it. :smileytongue: The book I've been reading is very clear about the things you shouldn't do, and things that really are okay. It also explains interesting "sciencey" things, which I enjoy because I love to know things. Lol

Hope this helps (:
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