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 with my first son I didnt really have the problem with people trying to give me their input about his name ( Connor Lee) Lee is a family middle name so i figured it would be best to keep it in the family. I have gotten good feedback from friends and family this time with Liam but nobody seems to like Evynn. Not that their opinions matter. I even snapped on a co-worker telling her when she carries a baby for 9 months she can pick whatever name she wants. I like your baby names they are unique and original. Myname is Jennifer i grew up with at least one in every class every year so good job on the name picking, its stressful.




Jackson was actually another boy name we were throwing around I was going to spell it Jaxon but I like that name it sounds very strong, maybe your DBF will go with it as a middle name, while I agree that I am not a fan of Jr. or II, I do feel that its respectulf to keep a family name as a middle name. This way your child can have their own independence but still have a piece of hearitige to carry along with them. A name does not define you, you define the name :smileyhappy: I also think Alice Charolette is a very pretty name.