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I like your chosen names too, Jennifer! (: I'm not usually a fan of boys' names for girls, but that one is really cute! (:

My boyfriend and I, after throwing names back and forth at each other since we found out, and neither of us liking what the other came up with, finally and actually quite suddenly came to both a girl name, and a boy name, we both love. (Though he claims he still wants to look through a book of names before we decide... But I'm almost completely in love with both names already!)

Boy: Dominik
Girl: Alice
No middle names decided yet, though. I had originally wanted to name my first son Jackson after my father Jack who passed away from melanoma cancer 4 years ago. But my DBF doesn't like the idea of naming kids after people in the family. He says it's because they are a new person and so deserve a new name, rather than be compared to that other person all their life. I understand, but I also really just LOVE the name Jackson (and Jack). I think I may be able to get it to be at least A middle name, if not the only one. Lol

Also, DBF loves the name Charlotte (and I do too), but my sister's stepdaughter is named that. So I've suggested it could be a middle name. He isn't so sure of how "Alice Charlotte" sounds, though. What do you ladies think? (:
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