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Re: twins

These two aren't IVF - but my husband has twins in his family.  I think these babies are fraternal, so still surprising, but i guess we'll find out for sure on delivery day!

If it helps, I've been reading "The Everything Twins Triplets & More" by Pamela Fierro.  It's pretty good so far - not all worry or stress filled - just basics.  I'm still trying to figure out how to nurse two at once, but there is thankfully a class locally I can take that may help.  I'm also considering those Itzbeen Baby Care Timers.  A lot of people like phone apps for newborns, but not sure if they work well w/ twins.  Toddlers - I'm just praying my Sister In Law moves here with her 4 older kids.  Also check out if there's a Mothers of Multiples MOM group in your area.  Best wishes and keep posting!