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Re: My boobs!
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Ditto! They did not hurt as much at 4 weeks but I had very sensitive nipples and kept having new sensations in my boobs. Then, week 5 they were clearly bigger and achy. Week 6 now and they are huge, achy, and growing... I am already bigger than most women I know in the chest department, and quite frankly, I'm scared how big they are going to be when baby is born and my milk comes in. Yep. I'm terrified. I'm going to have to go buy new bras today and I have a feeling that I'm going through a lot of bras this pregnancy. After work, I can't wait to get home and switch to a sports bra.

PS. A friend said to buy cheap bras, nursing bras, and sports bras, and always make sure they have a little more room in the cup when you purchase so they last a little longer. She also said to drop the underwire for comfort.
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