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Re: Registry Question
Hi there, I am due July 15, first baby.

Really import things you will need according to my mom, sister and friends... burping clothes, recieving blankets, onsies, car seat, crib, swing/viberating bouncer, bottles & a breast pump (if you are breast feeding, helpful for your partner or babysitter when you need a break), nursing bra, baby carrier, stroller, towels, baby bath, lots of diapers (I suggest a diaper raffle for your shower, great way to get lots of diapers), baby monitor, diaper bag, change pad, sheets, etc. The list goes on. Most places where you register, I found had a check list of items.

I started registering in Early march, but started doing research on items I wanted back in January. I was still adding stuff last week. There is so many items to look through I found it very over welming.

Not sure if this is the case with most showers, but I had my first shower this past weekend in my home town, and only ended up with a couple of things off my registry. Most people bought me clothes. Which I didn't need as my sister and cousin have given me a bunch of hand-me-downs. Hopefully my second shower in the city will be provide some of the items I actually need.
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