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Re: Due Date List!

We found out through Miracle in Progress at 14 weeks and 1 day that is was a boy. My perinatal said at 12 weeks he was 75% sure it was a boy. At 10 weeks we did intelligender and it showed it was a boy and at 8 weeks we did the draino crystal test and it also said a boy. Chinese calendar said its a girl but it was wrong. I have craved only salty foods. I want lots of meat and acidic fruits like pineapple and oranges.This pregnancy was so different than my daughter from the very get go. With her I couldnt stand most meats and I wanted sweeter foods. My energy level was shot from day one with her and this one it hasnt bothered me much. Miracle in Progress guarantees gender check at 14 weeks.  Plus we got video of him and pictures.