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Re: July 1st
Hello everyone! I'm also pregnant with my first and do July 7th. I had a rough first trimester but I must say I have come around a lot now that I am in my second trimester. Best wishes to everyone!
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Re: July 1st
im due july 1st too ! first baby and its a girl :smileyhappy:
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Re: July 1st

I'm due July 7th and SO happy to be in my 2nd trimester, I had a pretty good 1st trimester with no morning sickness except twice. The thing that pained me was the breast soreness and nipples feeling as though they were going to fall off, and fatigue. I am definitely feeling more energy now but trying to keep my stress level down as I work with 2 year olds and they are beginning to drive me crazy! Pray for me!


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