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Re: NT Testing

I had my NT scan yesterday.  If you have an appointment with you OB after, they can tell you the results of the scan, but really it is a three part test.  The scan and blood on the first day and then at 16 weeks (or 4 weeks post scan) a second blood test.  The scan is just looking for fluid build-up behind the baby's neck.  It should be less than 3mm.  Ours was under 2mm - so nothing concerning there.


If you can afford it, I can recommend the Harmony blood test.  I am not sure how far along you are, but this this test is about $800.00 and is just two vials of blood.  It checks for down's and three trisomy issues.  I got my results back last weekend on it and everything was fine.  We even found out the sex of the baby (an extra $30).


Based on our good Harmony results, we were given the option to skip the blood test yesterday as part of the integrated screening, but since this tests for spina bifeda and the Harmony does not, we opted to continue with the testing.  More information with non-invasive tests are good.


FYI, I am 37 and this is  my first pregnancy that has progressed this far.


Don't worry too much about it.  I am sure you have a perfect little bean growing and you are young!  Enjoy the scan as you will get to see your baby moving!