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Birth Doula here to help!
Hey ladies! I just thought I would offer my expertise particularly to the first time mommies here. I'm a birth doula, which for those who don't know what that is, I attend births with women and stay informed on all the latest medical research and procedures to help women prepare for labor and birth, as well as to help and support them throughout labor and delivery. I noticed that a lot of the first-time moms and even some of the second-tuners are feeling nervous about their pregnancy and becoming a mom, so I thought I would offer to connect with an help any of you who feel lost and would like help preparing a birth plan. Since I'm not actually practicing as a doula during my pregnancy, I am happy to offer this service for free to those mama'a who are due in July like me :smileyhappy: if you're interested you can email me at crunchyhippielady@aol.com or leave your own email below :smileyhappy: I'm new to this forum so I don't know... Is there a private messaging system on the site? If so that's also an acceptable way to reach me. I wish you all lovely pregnancies and wonderful birth experiences!
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