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Eating . . . or Not Eating

This is my first time so I have lots of questions.  I am finding that I am either feeling sick (thankfully, no vomiting yet) or starving.  The problem is, when I am starving, I can't eat just anything because even the thought of some foods just turns me off.


Worry because I'm not heaing very healthy, but I just can't.

Family doc said not to worry because I need to at least eat . . . worry about healthy eating in the second trimester.


Any advice?

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Re: Eating . . . or Not Eating
Eat whatever you can keep down at this point. I've lost 3lbs in 4weeks and it's not a good thing but if you taking your prenatals like you should you will get enough nutrition to compensate your bad eating temporarily.
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Re: Eating . . . or Not Eating
I too am having a rough time with nausea, but I have found eating a few butter crackers at the first sign of it, followed by a liquid helps immensely. Also, small healthy meals help every 3 or so hours.
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Re: Eating . . . or Not Eating


         While I cannot say that I have been really sick there have been a couple of days, Thanksgiving being one of them, that the smell of everything has made me queasy. I have found that ginger candies have helped me tremendously! I picked them up at the grocery store and they have been a life saver!  The funny thing is that normally I am not a fan of ginger at all but now I carry it with me just in case. Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon!