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Re: First Prenatal Visit
with my first baby i had all day sickness at the end of my 3rd month and it only lasted 1 day and I was fine the next day.
with my second baby the last trimester at night going to bed i felt sick but i said to myself it's all in your head and i went to bed each night and was fine the next day. now with this baby #3 i have sore boobs tender nipples and when i eat i get full fast and i feel full for 2 or 3 hours the i feel like i'm starving and i eat like a pig and one morning i felt so sick the whole morning had a nap and was fine when i woke up. peeing alot my bladder wakes me up in the middle of the night never had that happen before everything with this baby to be it's all new symptoms oh ya i went to No Frills to do some food shopping on May 28th and i had to sneeze and the whole place started to spin so i just stood there didn't move till my ears popped and the spinning stopped and i felt light headed so i went home and had a nap and woke up fine now that was scary i was alone that day so the next day i went to Shoppers Drug Mart and checked my bp and it was 117 over 70 and i was told that a good reading so i also got my Materna Vitamines then i went to the dollar store and got a book with lined paper and i'm keeping track of everything that's going on with me each day and the date so when i see my baby doctor on June 25th i can let him or her know whats going on i'm also 43 years old to. So is this your first baby? anyway you not having morning sickness long isn't a worry at all how far along are you? i'm about 8 wks i'm guessing i will find out how far along i am and my due date i have 2 boys i'm hoping for a girl this time but another boy will be just fine then i'll have my 3 sons. my first son has adhd what med were you taking my son was on concerta. what is fibromyalgia if you don't mind me asking?i feel tired alot also what cravings do you have? mine is dill pickles lower back is sore i have a curved spine to begin with and my tummy sticks out. You need to do some walking each day to have a not so bad labour .