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Re: First Prenatal Visit

I can understand your concerns and all I can say is you have to try not to worry so much. Hard to do I know! This is our 2nd and I'm still nervous because my symptoms are all so different from my first. It is totally normal to not have morning sickness. I felt awesome with my 1st pregnancy, just breast tenderness and some indigestion/bloating and I could smell EVERYTHING! This time around I'm crampy a lot, back pain, cravings, and some smells make me so nauseous! lol  Every pregnancy is different, that's what I keep hearing anyway :smileyhappy: Also, you'll probably change with each week. I am 7wks 2 days today and have been EXHAUSTEd since I tested positive and have a 3 yr old who is loving challenging me and being crazy every time I turn around :smileyhappy: I hope things go well for you and will keep on here as I feel it's a great support for all of us!