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Hello everyone! 


I don't have many close friends who've had children, so the only sounding boards I have are my sisters (both younger) who have just had babies. Both of them had problem pregnancies, which is a pretty scary reference to have for myself - a first-timer. So, I'm glad to be here with folks who will understand and appreciate where I'm coming from. 


That said, I'm wondering if anyone else is having as much trouble as I am with making some of the immediate changes. I just found out I was pregnant about three weeks ago (I'm seven weeks now), and I immediately stopped drinking alcohol and smoking that occasional social cig. However, I'm finding caffiene to be the hardest thing to quit. I had been drinking coffee every day until lunch, and now I'm down to one small cup a day. That's not the problem -- soda seems to be calling to me. I'm drinking plenty of water, but also having trouble finding drink replacements that are healthy and enjoyable for me. Any suggestions?