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Re: Having a girl need help with the name...
To be honest, you should go with what YOUR heart tells you. So many times we try to please others and our own likes are buried by the well intentions of others. This is your child. This is your baby. When she grows up, she will ask where her name came from. In my Honest Opinion, it doesn't matter what anyone else says, ultimately the choice is yours and if you want to name her Ridlee, then go for it! It was your first thought, your first instinct, do it! Let her have a unique name. To me it brings up the image of Ridley from the Alien Movies which is an awesome female lead. My son is Alexander, and I was told it was to traditional, to safe, not a cool name, etc. but that's the name we choose and now his nickname is Lex, not the usuall nickname for Alexander.
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