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Re: Over 35 and anxious

I'm 35 and will be 36 in June!  I just found out I was preg 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I did not know about this? I already have alot to worry about because my bby was exsposed to several medications that can cause birth defects and premature birth from not knowing I was preg.  This just made my worries worse!  I also just miscarried in Oct, and got preg again in that same month.  I'm having to go through all of this alone the father is 10yrs younger than me, he has a 2yr old son he loves but can't provide for but spends as much time with him as the mom allows.  But my bbys dad just don't act like he cares about this bby? He just checked out on me totally...  I have no other help or support so was looking to find other mommy's to be my age and single that are maybe local to talk to maybe even get together with just not sure where to look?  What's meant to be, will be! Worrying is pointless.