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Re: Over 35 and anxious

I am currently 35, but will be 36 before the baby comes. I too am pretty anxious. I'm at 12 weeks today and I'm going in for my second Ultrasound. I opted not to have the genetic test done. I figure no matter what is wrong with the baby there isn't much I can do about it, and I'm going to love her/him with all my heart. 

I do understand though the torture you must be going through with the wait! I wake up everyday and I'm thankful that everything seems AOK and another day bit the dust. 


The best unsolicited advice I can give, is just take it day by day, stay away from Evil Dr. Google. Listen to your body and DON'T STRESS (at least don't stress if you can help it) 


I really don't have any local friends that I can speak with about my thoughts or fears (as most of them have already had their children and are getting ready to push them out the door) So I am always looking for someone who is in a similar situation as myself to connect with. If you would like I can give you my contact information for communication. :smileyhappy: