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Paranoid about EVERYTHING

I'm a first time mom, who is a little crazy to begin with... I'm alwasy scared that I have certain things, if I hear about a flu epidemic the next day I'll feel flu like symptoms stuff like that. So, now I'm terrified that everything I do might make me have a miscarriage.  I just found out I was pregnant last week, went to the doctor and they confirmed. During the holidays I was celebrating having a few drinks, nothing too crazy but now I'm scared that might be harmful... I also started working out last week of December, I used to run but in the last 2 years I put on 20lbs and stopped most physical activity. Now I'm scared that working out will be harmful... I'm also scared that my seat warmers are harmful... I keep reading that the 1st trimester is when you should be the most careful, but since I didn't find out I was pregnant till almost 7 weeks in I'm scared somethign I did before might hurt my baby. :smileysad: I need help!! I'm freaking myself out!!!