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Re: Hi August 2014 Moms!
I hadn't had my period in almost 3 years and truly thought I could no longer have babies. I have one son who will be 11 end of May. I had accepted that maybe he would be my only. Then beginning of December I woke up two days in a row to really sore boobs and decided I better take a pregnancy test and sure enuf it said I was 1 - 2 wks pregnant! So exciting. We couldn't be happier. Best Xmas present ever! But the last few weeks I have been horribly sick. Not just in the morning either. Feeling useless. My butt actually hurts from sitting around so much! Any advice for morning sickness? I was never sick with my son, not once. I've been taking a lot of vitamin b6 which seems to help sometimes but not always. And I'm really not into taking meds while I'm pregnant. Thanks in advance :smileyhappy:
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