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Re: Is anyone dilating yet?

I'm skipping internal exams this time until I get to the hospital. They were all one big giant disappointment for the last month with DD2. Like literally one big giant disappointment. Nothing like walking around thinking you'll go any second because you're almost completely effaced and 3-4 cm. I do feel a lot of pressure on my cervix so I have no doubt things are getting ready. But since it isn't any actual indicator of when baby will come, I don't want to deal with all the pressure from other people (because other people do ask and then say they bet the baby will be here early, etc) and family when they ask why the baby isn't here yet, and the disappointment from being ready to go and nothing really happening. I also lost my mucous plug like 2 1/2 weeks before DD2 was born. She just didn't want to come out I guess, lol.