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Re: I'm 39 and expecting my 4th baby, is this very dangerous?
I am 39 & pregnant with my fourth. I am as healthy now as I have been with all of my pregnancies starting at age 23. Gained 29lbs with my first, 19 with my second, 18 with my 3rd and am 31 weeks now and have gained 14 lbs. A lot of pregnancy problems begin from a lot of weight gain. Of course all of us that are having babies after 35 worry about down syndrome and things in which our chances go up with age. Good thing is if you are over 35, insurance will pay for a test called Maternat21 that checks for everything and you can find out the sex of your baby at 10 weeks. It set our mind at ease and we found out we are having a girl :smileywink: so, no it is not dangerous to uave babies at our age if you are healthy, and active to begin with. Congratulations by the way!!!
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