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Re: Where Should My Newborn Sleep?

We kept a travel bed in our room for our first, but I felt it wasn't supportive enough and switched to his crib, in his room, when he was around a month old. This worked really well for us. With my second, we had decided to keep the crib in our room for the first 3 months. My son never slept in it though. He would only sleep on people. My husband and I just took turns holding him all night, with attempts of laying him down each night. It wasn't until he was a year old that he'd sleep all night, and even then, part of the night was in bed with us. We like co-sleeping, so this was mostly by choice. I'd say whatever you choose, try to switch baby to his/her own bed in his/ her own room by one month. As long as they are willing, life is much easier when you can do this. If your baby is like my second though, understand that they will grow up so fast, so just do what works best for your whole family at the time. Don't worry, all those Mommy instinicts will kick in quickly.