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Re: Where Should My Newborn Sleep?

Either a bassinet or playyard with bassinet are both good options, moving the crib in just a pain!!! I have a bassinett and my son stayed in it until almost 3 months old and then in the playyard for another almost 3 months before being moved into his crib when my little girl gets here she will also, especially if breastfeeding it makes it WAY easier! Both the bassinetts and the playyards with bassinetts are VERY sturdy trust me they have to be, walmart had decent prices on both and they all have to meet certain standards to be on the market. Remember most babies are only about 7.5 pounds when born and double their birth weight at 6 months so they really are not very heavy and bassinet and playyards are made to hold that. You can always look into reviews on specific ones which will help a lot! It will also give you peace of mind to be able to roll over and check on them whenever you want!