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Re: Where Should My Newborn Sleep?
With my daughter we were able to borrow a bassinet from my cousin that worked great, but it didn't get used very long so I wouldn't have bought one. With my son, we put him in our pack n' play in the bassinet insert. We were never concerned about the sturdiness because we already trusted the pack n' play with my daughter (though we had never used the bassinet part with her). Honestly, I would recommend the pack n' play because you will get MUCH use of it even after the baby is too big for the bassinet part. We only kept our son in it for the first 6-8 weeks so he wasn't able to move around much so safety in that aspect wasn't an issue, then we moved him to his crib in his room. It's all personal preference, but don't get too overwhelmed by it. Once you have your second baby you will think "why was I so paranoid about everything?!" LOL
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